About Us


Established by Chantel Gerrits in June of 2021, in the heart of the pandemic, with the support of her husband and two children, Bohème Botanicals began as a way to bring happiness to the community in the form of plants and botanicals. Knowing the many health benefits of eucalyptus, and the fact that she couldn’t find a mixed variety bundle anywhere, Chantel created a ‘luxury spa’ bundle for her own shower. The entire family loved it and an “aha” moment occurred - she could curate these bundles and bring wellness to those around her! 

Signature shower bundles are made-to-order by Chantel in her studio, using multiple fresh eucalyptus varieties including silver dollar, gunnii, baby, seeded eucalyptus and more, where each stem is carefully bundled with love! A twine loop conveniently hangs the bundle behind your shower head (or nearby) as the essential oils of the eucalyptus are released from the shower steam.

Fresh eucalyptus is a proven natural healer as it contributes to stress release, pain relief, respiratory health, and much more. These bundles may be further repurposed in a vase in your home once dry as an everlasting arrangement.

In the interests of limiting waste, product that isn’t used for the bundles is repurposed into thoughtfully curated body oils, bath soaks, wellness sachets, and botanical cleansing wands using all-natural, high quality ingredients. Sustainable and eco-friendly packaging adorns Chantel’s creations.

Give the gift of an at-home spa or elevate your own self-care with an invigorating morning shower or a relaxing evening bath. Relax, rejuvenate, and recharge!

Floral eucalyptus bouquets and wreaths available upon request.