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Shower Bundles

All about our Eucalyptus

Baby Eucalyptus

Distinctly blue foliage has rounded leaves that alternate from side to side. Our most popular variety!

Gunnii Eucalyptus

Known for its silver coin-like leaves, this variety of eucalyptus has beautiful foliage and many medicinal properties.

Seeded Eucalyptus

Sage coloured variety that has such an interesting shape. Perfect textural addition to our bundles!

Silver Dollar Eucalyptus

Striking foliage adds fullness to bundles and the scent is said to have calming effects - bring on the relaxation!

Feather Eucalyptus

Cascading willowy leaves bring movement to our bundles with their feathery fluidity.

Parvifolia Eucalyptus

Reminiscent of olive tree leaves, this elegant eucalyptus adds a sophisticated touch to our bundles.

Propagating made easy

Tired of using anything you can find to propagate plants? These beautiful wood and glass propagation stations can be hung flush on the wall or stand up on their own. Pretty and fuss-free!





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