Where are you located? 

Our studio is located in Treaty 1 Territory, Winnipeg, MB, Canada, in Westwood.



What are the shipping options?

We offer free local pick up or delivery within Winnipeg city limits ($15). We do ship outside of Winnipeg, however due to the bundle being in a box enroute for an extended period of time we recommend doing so when the weather is milder. 

When will I receive my order? 

Once you place your order, it will be ready for pick up or delivery within 7-10 days. We will contact you to arrange pick up or delivery during this time frame. 

How do I make changes to my order that I placed?

Send us an email or DM and we will be happy to help you make changes to your order.

I need a last minute gift. Can my order be ready in a shorter time frame? 

We usually have items in stock so message us and  we will do our absolute best to accommodate a last minute gift! 


How do I hang the eucalyptus bundle in my shower?

Each bundle comes with a twine shower hanger loop and the bundle can be hung behind your shower head (or nearby). We wrap extra twine around the outside of your bundle in case you need extra to attach the twine hanger. 

Do I get the eucalyptus bundle wet?

Keep the water stream directed away from the leaves to maintain freshness. If you plan to keep the bundle in the shower (and not repurpose it as a dried arrangement), you may mist intermittently to extend the life of your bundle. 


What are the eucalyptus bundles used for?

Eucalyptus has many wellness benefits. The steam from the shower activates the release of the eucalyptus essential oils which contribute to stress reduction, pain relief, respiratory health, and relaxation. 

How long do the eucalyptus shower bundles last?

The bundles are freshest and most fragrant when you receive them. As they naturally dry, most people tend to keep them in their shower for 2-3 weeks as the essential oils continue to be activated and released with the steam from the shower. At that point you can choose to continue to keep it in the shower or hang it upside down outside of the shower to dry fully and then put it in a vase as a dried arrangement!