Welcome from Bohème Botanicals!

Thanks for being here! We opened just over a week ago on June 6th, and the support from you guys has been overwhelmingly amazing!! Our eucalyptus shower bundles have literally flown off the shelves and we are so thankful for that 💚

We took pre-orders for our expected Monday bundle drop, but we experienced some stocking delays and the eucalyptus variety we were missing finally came in on Thursday. You guys were so understanding, waiting to get your bundles until this weekend! We truly appreciate your patience! Deliveries and pick up times have been scheduled into this upcoming week. Bundles are made the day of (or the night before if circumstances permit), to make sure they are at their freshest and last as long as possible for you guys!

Remember to ensure water streams do not contact the eucalyptus leaves to maintain their integrity - the bundles are meant to release oils from the hot water’s steam. This will keep your bundle fresh for weeks to come 🌿

There will be more plants added to the website and we will begin our plant care series that a lot of you have been asking for! 

Looking forward, there are many exciting botanical items ahead  ➳ stay tuned 


Bohème Botanicals 

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